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Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga Yoga helps in making the body more flexible and includes stretching of body and also helps in gaining muscles too. Ashtanga Yoga contains lot of posture, breathing and concentration etc result into maintaining the healthy body. The heat generate because of the movement of body helps the blood to heat up and more rise in temperature of blood will result in better circulation of blood. One of the benefits Ashtanga Yoga provides detoxify of blood and muscles by purifying the sweat. Ashtanga Yoga can be defined as ‘eight limbed yoga further bifurcate as Astha-Eight, Anga- Limba, which refer to the eight limbs outlined by Patanjali in the Yoga Sutra. The four limbs- Yama, Niyama, Asana, and Pranayama considered to be external purification. Defect in internal cleaning practices are can be cured only by correct form of Asthanga Yoga Practices. It could be dangerous to the mind and body if correct methods are not been followed.

Here at SIYA guests experience the Ashtanga Yoga in the divine way giving them the experience through which not only body but also soul also get purify. It is the best way to get your body into shape by manages the weight and stays fit. The concept behind while doing the Ashtanga Yoga is long slow deep breathing which energies the body more. This energy affects the every aspects of one life and complete transformation of new personality is the result one can see in him.

In Ashtanga Yoga the various postures comprise gives the complete exercise for each organ of the body, and by pouring your heart and soul into everything one can find himself and make anything possible. As everyone ones get a chance to get strong and by Asthanga Yoga one can achieve this divine making one more close to them and gives innovative and positive angle towards the life. The complete nurture provided by our Instructor to the customer strengthens them and make their body to breathe freely like never before making them more relax while finding the real treasure of health within itself.

Ashtanga Yoga comprises of more movement of body parts than any other form of Yogasana with comprises of different poses in the whole exercise it’s energise the whole body. In Ashtanga Yoga there are different types of posture which are been performed during the whole process, which are been signify as Standing Poses Sitting Poses Finishing Poses. To perform Asana correctly In Ashtanga Yoga one must know the use of Vinyasa and Tristhana.

Vinyasa: Vinyasa compromise of two elements Breathing with Movement the best example and very well known The Surya-Namaskar where different poses been performed with balancing the breathe inhaling and exhaling the same purify the body intake of positive powers and existence of negative points within you.

Tristhana: It refers to concentrate on three points or three levels Body, Mind and Nervous Systems performing the action with collaboration of each other. These three elements are important for yoga practices and help in purification of the body.

Posture in Ashtanga Yoga

There are stages and method involves in practising the Ashtanga yoga as discuss above the method of purifying and strengthening the body is termed as ‘Asana’. These Asana are divided in series in Ashtanga yoga. The Primary Series which are (Yoga Chikitsa) help in alignment of body parts and for detoxification. The Intermediate series (Nadi Shodhana) concentrate in purifying the nervous system it performs its work by opening the energy channels. The Advanced Series (Sthira Bhaga) helps in accelerate the strength for working of body which require higher level of flexibility to work on it.

These stages are well scrutinise and should be fully developed on jumping to the next stage. As each stage follow the previous stage giving energy, efforts and most importantly provides balance for the pace to work further on it.

Our yogacharya team is fully dedicated towards providing the practices of Asthanga Yoga the energy source and one of the very effective form of yoga, it is capable of opening the energy and flows to the energy channels (Nadis). These seal in energy provides lightness, strength, health to the body.

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