Ayurvedic Diet

The ancient scriptures of ayurveda suggests that all the sickness originate in the digestive system of a human body. The reason for this is suggested to be the poor nutrition; therefore a healthy and nutritious diet is necessary for a healthy living. Food items should be chosen carefully and herbal supplements should be introduced in the daily life as well. Any treatment done in ayurveda begins with a change in the diet of the patient according to the body type and doshas predominant in the body.

A nutritious diet is necessary for a healthy mind and body and Ayurvedic diet consists of them all. They contain sufficient amount of carbohydrates, vitamins, fats and minerals for overall benefit of the body. Ayurveda emphasizes the use of seasonal fruits and vegetable which should be fresh and organic as they are full of prana “the life force”.

At SIYA, We procure vegetables grown in our own farm for the optimum health benefit our guests. We focus on preparing the meal which doesn’t destroys its prana, so we avoid deep frying and keep a check on the food to prevent overcooking and burning. Our chefs are focused on providing you the meals rich in nutrients and food in our kitchen is cooked with keeping doshas in perspective which plays a very important role in your physical and emotional constitution.

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