Breathing exercise - Pranayama

Pranayama – The Art of Yoga Breathing

Self-control is the key to live better life and it’s said that a person who has self-control in himself lives a better life. Despite of control on the emotions what can be more important element which human mind can have a control on, Life Force i.e. Breathe. Pranayama is the way of controlling the Breathe. Prana is a Sanskrit word which means life where as Ayama means control. We can understand the meaning of Pranayama is the Control of Life Force. Pranayama is the deliberately control over the regulation of Breathe.

The Different Yogis from different pace of time have considered the Breathe the most important Senses among all and absence of this will be the result in end of life. This has been well described in Upanishads (Vedic Scriptures). The Slow and Calmer the Breathe there will be more longevity and quality of life spam. Pranayama is the source of energy where one can have control on his Breathe and advanced Pranayam classes can help to make connection between you and yourself. Various form of Pranayama is been performed in Yoga practices and in Meditation. The focus of Pranayama mainly focus on Respiratory form of exercise which is the life source of all other system in a body, the process of inhaling and exhaling the manner in which it should be done. Pranayama is the part of Meditation in divine form which results into calmness of inner mind. All the energy been concentrated on one point which help in achieving mental stability.

SIYA provided the best environment for all the people enthusiasm those are searching for the inner peace and want to associate with ancient way of finding the peace. Hills Stream Resorts is happy to be the part of new Renaissance of these Yoga practices where everyone is having an anxiety to find the health with inner peace and happiness. The Inhaling and exhaling of breathe playing a major role in developing overall personality and eliminate negativity and surplus of positivity surrounds the body making him the most beautiful person he can ever be and what can be the best sigh of beauty can be the satisfaction in his face in his whole body.

In SIYA customers are facilitate with various form of Pranayama which comprises with various form, position and stages. These different types of Life source techniques functions and profits with better health and energies each system of body to function in more efficient and effective ways. The various form of Pranayama, Breathing Exercise and Relaxation are been practice in our resort for better relaxation of our customers.

Bhastrika Pranayama:

Bhastrika Pranayama helps to stay away from Heart related problem, help with stronger lungs, curing obesity and arthritis, Improving Blood Circulation, Stressful, hypertension and depression less life hence which results into more concentration and calmness in life. The technique also helps in losing the excess weight in the body keeping the person fit and fine. Bhastrika Pranayama is related with blowing of bellows and breathing is done though nose which sounds like flame burning below the furnace.

Anulom-Vilom Pranayama:

Anulom-Vilom Pranayama which is quite famous among all is performed through the nostril which is active at a time as our nostrils works alternatively for the period of twelve hours each. The procedure involves the slow inhaling though the same nostril and after holding the air for two seconds exhale from the other nostril and vice-versa. The repetition of this process will provide with quality breathing, calmness and peace of mind.
The Anulom-Vilom Pranayama is very effective in improving the memory power, directly have a positive effect in improving the eye-sights too. This process also helps in blocking the flow of carbon-dioxide into the arteries result into the process of blood purification, help in staying away with heart disease and normalize the blood pressure.

Kapalbhati Pranayama:

Kapalbhati Pranayama deal with performing the exhalation in forceful manner where inhale is done in normal way. The process involves the moving of stomach muscles regressively during the exhalation. With the quick reduce in belly fat it improves the functioning of abdominal organs like stomach, liver, pancreas and kidneys.

Ujjayi Pranayama:

With the small hissing sound the practice of inhale is been performed. The inhalation of excess air as long can anyone is comfortable with by blocking the air making a sound from the throat. It is been done. While exhaling with the right nostril being closed with right thumb and breathe out through the left nostril. This exercise help in raising the body heat and sound vibration calms the mind and help in stay focused, clear the sound pipe and reduce snoring.

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