Ayurveda Doctor Consultations

SIYA is dedicated to provide the best doctor consultation service to our guests with individual attention. At SIYA we have a team of experienced and compassionate doctors to diagnose and cure the illness of any kind. Our aim is trust building and to provide the best possible treatment to everyone who approach us. In modern times of technology to make our lives easier we have introduced the facility of online consultation via email, chat and skype. At Siya we provide free consultation through these mediums to save time and money. After a preliminary diagnosis through any online medium, conclusion about the type of sickness can be predicted in order to prescribe the treatment required.

The consultation in physical presence and a conversation with doctor is still the best way to answer all your questions. Ayurvedic healing is effective when the individual believes in the treatment, this require building trust between doctor and the patient which is why consultation with doctor in self-presence is recommended. At SIYA we specialize in all kind of Ayurvedic treatments for head to toe of the body. Major illness which are said to be at incurable are also effectively treated. The comfort level with doctors and therapists will help you indulge completely in the natural environment at SIYA for the best treatment.

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