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What is the best way to reduce the stress and fill with more life than ever, reduction of ageing and looks more young than ever before, increase the charm and glow, making your life worth living and the excitement of finding the positive side of life that has been hidden before and giving you chance to appreciate the life more. Meditation is the key, DHYANA the Meditation itself is powerful which is the source of energy from thousands of years for every well-being and helps them to discover the truth of life which helps them to discover the inner power within himself. Meditation has made normal person a super person and is the key process to make one’s concentration power more powerful by which you may achieve miracle in your life. What exactly the Meditation itself comprises is to extract your positive thoughts your mind can fulfill with which convert it into the power which help you live peaceful, healthy and social life.

Meditation is been practicing from thousands of years and always been the integral part of our India and its old civilization which always play the role of TEACHER (GURU) showing the quality way a human being can ever live. Practicing Meditation is the best gift you can give to your mind, your body and your soul. It is actually the bridge between your soul and the body. The Energy level will boost you, the fire ignite through mediation inside will make you calm and will help you to reach the satisfaction level which is only possible through meditation. It has been considered the only way to make you explore the positive side of life and give the inner power to vanish the negativity in life.

‘Meditation is center Source of all power’

Here in SIYA empower the customers to re-create their life here through meditation, showing the best way by which divine power can be achieve. Meditation itself contains very effective ways to nurture your body in every aspect. We with the help of our Instructor help our customer to make them physically and mentally strong.

Meditation is relaxation it is all about concentration making you focus and align the every conscious and unconscious mind to work together to find the inner peace within you. When this experience been reached then one can really enjoy the life like never before. Hills Stream Resort gives the complete transformation of life and one can experience when they enter our premises. Meditation can be said to be the synonyms of miracle, it fills up the vacuum the emptiness which in stressful life can never be fulfill and only Meditation is the way which can help. It is the scientifically proved phenomena.

There are many ways to find the truth and of them is Meditation, and meditation also have different ways which can be chose according to one choice and best fitted for the personality tends you to be more social and help in find the inner harmony. Every type of meditation is valuable and gainful. These practices require different and mindset which re been provided in our Resort. There are many popular types of meditation practices in some of them are follows:

Transcendental Meditation

It is the most easiest way to start with the meditation where person have to sit and start meditating and no special movement of body parts or mind is require. The easy way can be started with sitting for five minutes then increasing the time for at least twenty minutes. This type of meditation is most famous among other type.

Mindfulness Meditation

This process involves with concentration and awareness, and can be performed by focusing on any object with the breathing. While observing the thoughts which passing through the mind and keep reading it. Originates from Buddhist teaching the Mindfulness Meditation is very popular in west.

Spiritual Meditation

This is related with the faith and religion which is similar to prayer. The person feels more connected with the divine power which ultimately called God but more than that the silence created the environment where connection with ourselves is easy to be made.

Mantra Meditation

In this ‘OM’ sound its importance and repetition is being done, also with this other sound, phrase can also be used. These repeated practices of chanting the sound help the person to have more concentration.

Focused Meditation

Focused while using the five senses which can help you to concentrate the best any type of sound, object etc. which help into make yourself focused. Its need to make concentrate on any object but it really play a vital role to make you concentration power.

Movement Meditation

This can be said to be very enjoyable type of meditation where person can easily walk around in a peaceful environment which can be the garden, around woods and other forms of gentle movement which provide you with peace.

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