SIYA Spa Rejuvenation Massage

Rejuvenation Massages

As the name suggests, rejuvenation is a goal of achieving vitality and vigour to make you feel and look better anti-ageing effects. At Siya we perform such massage therapies to restore the younger characteristic which will flow to you like a river stream.

Such massage therapies are getting recognition on a larger scale now and not limited to be the women’s prerogative anymore. Men are equally participating in such activities to feel rejuvenated and filled with energy. At Siya we use different kind of organic products for massage to give you a luxurious and unparalled experience.

Swedish Massage at Siya Wellness Retreat

Swedish Massage

Blood flow is considered the main objective in this massage, the techniques are specifically designed to relax muscles by applying pressure penetrating the skin to reach bones. Upper layer of skin is rubbed in the same direction of the blood flow to the heart. Swedish massage increases the oxygen flow in the blood stream creating a healing effect on the body with enhanced metabolism, stimulated nerves and skin.

Thai Massage

This is a massage developed in ancient china which has incorporated stretching methods and the traditional medicine system of India. Thai massage is a mix of yoga and acupressure designed to relax the body and open up the energy channels for uninterrupted energy flow in the body. No external substance is used for the massage and is totally based on stretching and yoga methods with focus on pressure points of the body.

Balinese massage at Siya Wellness Retreat

Balinese Massage

Warm oil is used to massage the whole body with a focus on soft tissues using the thumbs as a primary tool. The course of body energy channel is followed for the massage, thumb is used deeply to release stress. This therapy is an excellent way to treat stiff and painful muscles. One hour session is good enough to help you distressed and relaxed.

Aromatherapy at Siya Wellness Retreat

Aromatherapy Massage

Blend of essential oils are used to massage the whole body, the individuals preference and body type is of great concern in this type of massage. Aroma of the essential oils has a long-lasting effect on the senses and keeps the individual relaxed and calm. Aromatherapy massage is very helpful in managing chronic conditions like insomnia, stress and stiffness in body.

Back massage at Siya Wellness Retreat

Back Massage

Long and soothing strokes along the length of spine is used as a measure to release stress and stiffness of the body is the main focus of back massage. This helps to stimulate the nerves and leave you feeling refreshed an rejuvenated.

Body massage at Siya Wellness Retreat

Head, Neck and Shoulder Massage

Indulge yourself in a massage focussed on the head, neck and shoulder for instant refreshment. This massage is great for every individual with or without any illness.

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