Siya Yoga Retreat In The Lap of Himalayas

SIYA Yoga Retreat | Duration: 5 / 7 / 14 Days

Yoga is unification of mind and body. Practicing yoga is an act we perform mainly by our physical body however it has a deeper effect on our mind as well. It empowers us to restore the balance in our lives by contributing to the enhanced coordination between our subtle states with the physical one. Yoga is often misunderstood, its viewpoint bypass all the religious beliefs and can be practiced by anyone.

At Siya the classes are based on classical yogas named Hatha, Ashtanga yoga. Guests will practice in the supervision of our teacher with expertise in the aforesaid type of yogasanas. Classes are suitable for people from beginner to advance level. Apart from yoga classes, meditation sessions are included for overall wellbeing. Schedule of the classes are structured to fulfill the needs of people from all walks of life based on Patanjali sutras.

SIYA Wellness Retreat Gallery

Sr. No.Package Includes5 Nights7 Nights14 Nights
1.Personalized Yoga Session3510
2.Personalized Pranayama Session249
3.Personalized Meditation Session237
4.Personalized Yogic Cleansing Session236
5.Yogic Nidra Session (Deep Relaxation) 124
6.Rejuvenation Massage Session125
7.Ayurvedic Therapy Session-13
8.Session on Apply Yoga in to Daily Life -11
9.Visit to a Nearby Village, Monastery or
Rishikesh City Excursion (Full Day)

Guest who wish to dig deep into the world of yoga, the carefully formatted retreat will help to understand the core of yoga through practice of techniques and kriya apart from the physical aspects based on karma yoga through practice of compassion and gratitude like community service.

SIYA Yoga Retreat
Room Type
(All Inc. Room + Program Rates/Night )
5 Nights7 Nights14 Nights
Garden View $229₹14000 $343₹22000 $229₹14000 $343₹22000 $200₹12000 $314₹20000
Hill View $286₹18000 $400₹26000 $286₹18000 $400₹26000 $257₹16000 $371₹24000
Studio $343₹22000 $457₹30000 $343₹22000 $457₹30000 $314₹20000 $429₹28000
SIYA Yoga Retreat
All Inc. Room + Program Rates/Night
Room Type5 Nights
Garden View $229₹16000 $343₹24000
Hill View $286₹20000 $400₹28000
Studio $343₹24000 $457₹32000
Room Type7 Nights
Garden View $229₹16000 $343₹24000
Hill View $286₹20000 $400₹28000
Studio $343₹24000 $457₹32000
Room Type14 Nights
Garden View $200₹14000 $314₹22000
Hill View $257₹18000 $371₹26000
Studio $314₹22000 $429₹30000


  • Our check-in time is 13:00 hours and 11:00 hours respectively.
  • In case of early check-in and late checkouts will cost some extra charge.

  • All the rates will be charged as mentioned in our packages.
  • No discount is available for individuals.
  • All the charges are mentioned in the packages not includes all applicable government taxes.
  • In case of changes in any tax policies by government, rates of our packages might also get changed.
  • Any other services or demands made will be charged separately (like pickup & drop services).
  • For enquiries and bookings, please contact our reservation offices

    0800 hrs to 2300 hrs Indian Standard Time
    Mobile Number: +91 8826384767


  • All 'Spa Program' inclusions as listed above
  • Individual Wellness Consultation; Ayurvedic Consultation (where required)
  • Ongoing progress checks with Doctor and Spa consultants
  • Twice daily group Yoga sessions
  • Daily once group Chanting / Sound Meditation session
  • SIYA Rejuvenation Spa Cuisine meals (breakfast/ lunch/ dinner), per person
  • Morning Wake Up signature tea and fresh fruit bowl provided every day
  • Scheduled wellness activities: Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation, Vedanta talks, Fitness, Cooking demonstrations, and weekly excursions
  • Use of all recreational facilities - Swimming pool, Jacuzzi, Steam, Sauna, Gym, Snooker, Table Tennis, Badminton Net, Library.
  • In order to confirm any of our retreat or packages have to pay a booking charge of 200$. rest can be paid after the arrival.
  • This charge of 200$ is non-refundable.
  • In case of rescheduling a retreat this booking charge of 200$ will be valid till 6 months from the day of submission.
  • There are no refunds available on withdraw once started the program in any circumstances. Candidates will have to pay full charge of their selected package.
  • In case of cancellation there is no refund available in any circumstances.
  • In case of cancellation there is no refund available in any circumstances.
  • In order to maintain peace and appropriate environment for a spa, children above 14 years are allowed only.
  • Our packages are available only for people above 18 years.
  • Any non-Indians should have a valid passport with duration of their stay with a printed copy of visa. For more information visit the check for terms and conditions mandatory for stay in India and the regulations applicable for your country.
  • Indian citizen should have any of the valid government issued identity proof.
  • We provide several payment options like through net banking, credit/debit cards, western union and PayPal for the convenience of our guests.

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