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Sri Prem Baba

Spiritual Guru

Sri Prem Baba is a master teacher in the Saccha spiritual lineage of northern India who believes that “Love is the universal solvent of all conflicts”. Born and raised in Brazil, Prem Baba worked as a humanistic psychologist, yoga teacher, and shaman before his arrival in India. Prem Baba offers a method of self-discovery he calls The Path of the Heart, which bridges psychology and spirituality, East and West.

Though Prem Baba became a master through the Saccha lineage, he is still deeply rooted to the ground. Just like a lotus flower root into the muddy water while still emanating the light and beauty of creation, Prem Baba radiates positivity while being a common man just like any other human being among us. He is a firm believer in yoga and has been spreading its essence for a long time. Defying adversity and dealing with harsh situations is the forte of Sri prem baba and he has been sharing this with enthusiasts who seek his association.

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